In order to best prepare athletes joining the ranks of eMTB riders, I am excited to be launching my new eMTB Ultimate plan, the first comprehensive eMTB specific strength and fitness training program. This program is designed for racers and recreational riders alike to meet the additional physical demands of riding an eMTB.

One of the key aspects of eMTB riding I see is what I refer to as “Uphilling.” eMTBs allow riders to go uphills faster which requires additional skill and physical stamina. eMTB will be the biggest addition to the two-wheeled sports market in the coming years. I want to prepare riders whether they are racing or riding to be prepared for those physical demands.

Through the eMTB Ultimate Program, riders will progress through my signature Performance Pyramid, beginning with flexibility, stability and mobility work before moving on to strength, power and endurance work over the course of eight months. By taking a holistic and comprehensive approach to training, I see this program aimed at improving a rider’s overall athletic performance, on or off the bike.

The motor of an eMTB doesn’t necessarily mean it makes mountain biking any easier; it makes it different. The increased weight of the motor requires strength to maintain control and keeping up with the motor’s assistance on the uphill requires fitness and endurance. As a result, these bikes make the potential for a higher overall energy output greater because you’re riding farther and faster in the same amount of time.

The eMTB Ultimate Program included instructional videos for each of the eight training blocks as well as downloadable tracking worksheets. Access to a full suite of gym equipment is not necessary either. This program can be completed with minimal equipment including exercise bands, a light and heavy set of dumbbells, an exercise ball and a foam roller for the most part.

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Training programs are designed by trainer and therapist of team Yeti and The Big Mountain Enduro Series. Have more fun on the trail, get better times, prevent serious injury and win races with this unique training program designed specifically for mountain biker, moto, gravel and road riders.


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