Dee Tidwell and Train To Ride’s comprehensive approach to performance training programs, riding and soft tissue therapy is designed to foster an environment of success, winning and athleticism.

Coach Dee knew from an early age that he didn’t want to be a desk jockey. He resolved to take control of his own future and always own his own business. His path to athletic conditioning began in college when he switched his major from communications to exercise physiology. After a few years excelling as a personal trainer at fitness clubs in Denver, he started his first business, Elite In Home Personal Training, in 1998.

During this time Dee was still following his passion and racing downhill mountain bikes. He met Missy Giove at one of these races in 2002 and she would become Dee’s first professional athlete client. This led to introductions to professional motocross racers, professional golfers, winter X-Games athletes and Olympians. The professional athletes Dee has worked with have gone on to win numerous titles, championships and Olympic medals.

In 2013, Dee decided he wanted to make his knowledge and training more accessible to all mountain bikers, including enduro racers, downhillers, and XC athletes leading him to create Enduro MTB Training. Fast forward to 2021 and Dee introduced Train to Ride, an expansion of his program offerings to include gravel, road, and moto

Dee remains an active gravity racer and has competed regularly in Big Mountain Enduro events in the last 6 years. As a testament to his training methods, Dee has two overall Big Mountain Enduro series championships in two separate masters categories! Enduro MTB Training is also the “Official Training and Soft Tissue Therapist Provider” for the Big Mountain Enduro Series. From 2017 to 2018 Dee served as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Yeti/Fox Factory Racing Team.

With over 29 years in the fitness & performance business, not only has Dee competed as an elite level mountain bike and downhill racer, he is also fortunate enough to be able to be a brand ambassador of the best brands in the industry including: Yeti Cycles, Shimano, Maxxis, Stages, Smith, Ryno Power, Enduro Bites, E-Thirteen and 100%. 

Coach Dee has helped thousands of riders take their training and riding to the next level! If you’ve ever raced and “retired”, then you know the fire always exists and creating the world’s first enduro and mountain biking training programs was his way back into the race environment. Dee hopes to see individuals unleash their inner athlete and excel not just in mountain biking but in any sport. He believes that through proper strength and mobility work, you can move well and a body that moves well can accomplish incredible feats. 

Whether you race competitively, love to ride, or are just generally obsessed with two wheels, the need to prepare your body for sport exists. Are you ready to take your racing and riding to the next level?


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