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Multiple Program Options

A personal online cycling coach is your key to getting exactly what you want and need to achieve your riding performance goals.

Invest in yourself with either one-on-one coaching plans or long-distance online cycling coaching.

The Train To Ride personal training plans are created for each individual client. Everyone, from complete beginners to athletes, is built differently, with strengths and weaknesses that vary greatly depending on their physiology.

Our individualized training plans identify and address your specific needs to make your customized plan as efficient as possible.

This program is ideal for cyclists and athletes strapped with injuries and lingering imbalances over the past year, especially those looking to ramp up their weekly training time in a busy schedule, build fitness, gain focused motivation to meet a particular goal, raise their power meters, and improve racing performance.

Get the best mountain bike skills program for strength, personal growth, athletic achievment, and performance.
Some of the benefits you WILL experience with personal coaching or online coaching:

Go farther with less fatigue

Race with more power, energy and ability to recover

Injury prevention & fitness knowledge

Recover more quickly from injury

Ride with longevity

Compete at a higher level

Become a better athlete or even gain athleticism

Lose weight

Custom Programs To Help You Grow

As your cycling coach, I will do whatever I can to help you be the best bike rider athlete you can be and reach your biggest goals, HOWEVER, I won’t drag you through this training!

I take what I do seriously and desire only those motivated athletes who want to be the best they can be on and off their bikes.

I won’t babysit you, but will provide you with the latest training research and best programming techniques customized for you to encourage, guide, and coach you through your “growing” process!



Online Coaching, “Long Distance,” Athlete Training Plans

This online cycling coaching program is used by athletes and riders worldwide! Enduro, DH, road, gravel, and long-distance racers and cyclists are taking their performance to another level! From amateurs to professionals, we have solutions for you!

​You don’t have to live in the Denver area to get the great benefits of personal one-on-one coaching from a local coach with TTR. Receive all the personalized workouts offered in the Local Cycling Coaching Programs, but receive online training and support over Skype, ZOOM, the phone, email, and text.

Our ​personalized 4-6 week training plans accommodate your life, work, riding, and race schedule. With the experience of an indoor trainer, fitness expert, and cycling coach, Coach Dee creates a training plan to increase your power meter, overall fitness, and technique that fits your busy schedule.

A personalized workout/race schedule tells you exactly what to do and when to do it with unlimited changes and specificity to accommodate your lifestyle. We go beyond the scope of other coaches, whether online or in person.

Skype or ZOOM physical screening every 6 weeks (if necessary). As your online cycling coach, I am attentive to your development and improvement as a cyclist and athlete through regular communication.

Receive a workout manual with all stretching and workout routines sent to you with every program change. We have developed our online cycling coaching plans to be thorough, instructive, and supportive throughout their entirety.

Videos of all exercises are sent to you using our workout video software. With years of experience coaching, I use technology and research to be the best online cycling coach possible.

​Personalized nutrition plan to work on total body health and fitness, including muscle development, healthy heart rate, and proper exercise. As a local coach and online cycling coach, I endeavor to create an environment of wellness support and cycling technique.

Learn a valuable warm-up routine to prep your body for each workout and session. Each training plan tackles different muscle groups and systems, so it is crucial to prep those areas through stretching to not overextend yourself.


$249 per month

6 Month Commitment


$239 per month

12 Month Commitment

“One-on-One Coaching” Athlete Training Plans at Train To Ride HQ in Colorado

A personalized 4-6-week training program that considers your life, work, riding, and race schedule

​Physical screening every 4-6 weeks

​Workout manual with all stretching and workout routines

​Videos of all exercises

​Personalized nutrition plan

​Soft-tissue recovery techniques

​Pre ride/ race warm-up routine

One or two “One-on-one coaching” sessions each week


$499 per month

includes 1 in-person training session per week


$929 per month

includes 2 in-person training sessions per week

Skype/ Zoom/ Facetime Consulting

These are one-on-one calls designed to answer any questions about anything training related.

One on one virtual call with me, Coach Dee.

​Talk about any training plan questions or issues you may have

​Follow up information provided if needed

Based on your availability 


30 minutes – $65

Use minutes however you want


60 minutes – $125

Use minutes however you want


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