Creating a home gym setup can be a cost effective way to work on building and maintaining your fitness year round. I also think that there’s a high likelihood that we may see additional closures of places like gyms this fall depending on what happens with the coronavirus in the coming months. This isn’t meant to alarm you but I do want you to be prepared. Ultimately, being able to continue your gym work at home isn’t just about your mountain bike riding; it’s about your overall personal fitness. We’re building a solid foundation so our bodies are prepared for the demands of everyday life as well as our athletic pursuits.

My recommendations are based around the equipment that will help you work through your Enduro MTB Training plan(s) and are sensible purchases for a home gym setup. Expect to spend between $800 to $1000 to build out your set up but don’t freak out if you can’t buy it all at the same time. Considering that you won’t have to pay monthly gym fees, it will pay for itself within a year or two (or even less depending on your gym membership costs).

Due to a run on fitness equipment this spring as people everywhere tried to get their own home workout routines dialed in, it may take some time to find all the equipment. Patience is a virtue but second hand  equipment has been showing up on sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace so keep your eyes out. Start building out your equipment with the fundamentals.

  • Exercise ball: Don’t skimp on price on this. But one that has at least a 1000-pound bursting capacity.
  • Dumbbells: Build up a set from 5-40 pounds depending on your experience and goals. You can start with a few and buy more as you get stronger and more able.
  • Kettlebells: You don’t need a full range of weights but these are helpful for more dynamic exercises.
  • Resistance bands: an easy, medium and hard tension. Type doesn’t matter.
  • Foam roller
  • Jump Rope
  • Lacrosse ball: Useful for muscle massage
  • TRX Suspension Trainer or equivalent
  • Bosu Ball: A bit of an overlap with the exercise ball but it can take your stability work to the next level.
  • Adjustable weight bench: They sell ones that fold down and can be stored under a couch or bed

If you want to go all in on building out your home gym set up, here’s my recommendations of next level equipment.

  • Indoor cycling trainer: Either a used spin bike or high-end stationary bike trainer which allows you to attach your personal bike.
  • Rip Row machine – The ultimate training device for mountain bikers as it mimics the body movements we have on the trail. Use the code EMT50 for $50 off your purchase.
  • A Cable Machine: I’ve been testing out the Ancore Trainer at my gym and think it’s a great solution for home gym setups. This is the smallest “cable machine” you can buy and it’s portable! Use the code ENDUROMTB for free shipping!

Watch the video below to see me walk through my recommendations and demonstrate the Ancore Trainer, too. 

Once you have your equipment in place, be sure to use it. If you need help finding the right training plan for you, drop me a note and let’s talk!

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