The secret's out! Alright, it's been out for a few weeks, now. If you've stopped by the site lately you'll have noticed things are looking a little bit different around here.

I am excited to announce the expansion of Enduro MTB Training with my newest training programs under Train to Ride. Train to Ride offers cycling-specific programs and plans for road, gravel, and moto while keeping the original Enduro MTB programs for Enduro, XC, DH, and eMTB. While you look around the new site, please be patient as we work out any bugs. Refresh your cache and browser, and definitely shoot me a message if you see anything that's looking a bit funny.

One of the big reasons I originally started Enduro MTB Training in 2013 was to specifically help gravity-based mountain bikers achieve their wildest goals whether they were racers, distance chasers, or weekend warriors in nature. But this is crucial for all disciplines. I want to help road and gravel riders expand their perceptions and training repertoire to gain the obvious benefits of full-body strength and fitness protocol to their training.

Drop bar riders are chronically stuck in the same positions for long periods of time, and the scientific community has proven how bad the repetitive cycling posture is to the body and health. However, we also know how powerful the benefits are from being active in the gym and working on these performance indicators. We all have seen the success in the Enduro MTB plans!

Each program is built with the same core values in mind, optimizing each rider’s ability as an athlete to increase performance on and off the bike. Programs are built using Train to Ride’s “Performance Pyramid”: with built-in progression and an active recovery week, all of which are crucial to overall growth and development.

It is important to recognize that the monthly membership option is the most current training plan available. The new programs that are now available for road, gravel, and moto are the same successful programs that you have seen and used with Enduro MTB and now I'm sharing those with the rest of the cycling world. If you already have an existing monthly membership, it is not necessary to add another discipline.

Thank you to all of you for your continued support. I couldn't do what I love without you all.

- Coach Dee

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Training programs are designed by trainer and therapist of team Yeti and The Big Mountain Enduro Series. Have more fun on the trail, get better times, prevent serious injury and win races with this unique training program designed specifically for mountain biker, moto, gravel and road riders.


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