It’s fair to say we’re all ready to put 2020 in the rearview mirror and do awesome things in 2021. As a personal trainer, every gym session, every workout is about forward momentum. I want you to take a similar approach thinking about what you want to accomplish this year because it is good to have goals and challenge yourself to become better… better at riding, better at your profession, better at life. Here are areas I’m looking forward to developing this year and by putting my goals for 2021 out here for you to see, maybe you’ll get an idea or two for yourself.

One of the most important goals I’m working on right now is rehabbing and rebuilding my shoulder strength. I had surgery in November due to an injury I sustained crashing at the Big Mountain Enduro race at Big Sky last summer. This is a big component of my offseason training and is crucial to injury prevention in the future as well. Of course the offseason is the best time to address injuries like this to make the most of the down time off the bike.

I’m also building up towards racing again at this season’s Big Mountain Enduro Series. Although I won’t be able to get to all the races, I’m looking forward to getting back between the tape and going full throttle… literally. I’m hoping to race in the quickly growing eMTB category to mix things up a bit after last season’s two victories in the 50+ category. You can laugh all you want but I’m expecting this category to be challenging as one of the fastest growing categories in bike sales last year. It will also give me a good chance to put my brand spanking new eMTB Ultimate Training Plan to the test.

Off the bike, I’m looking forward to spending more intentional time with my family. We have an incredible family vacation in the works for this summer as well as some smaller adventures planned, too. As my kids are getting closer to leaving for college, I want to be the best dad possible for them and be the best husband possible for my wife as well.

As a trainer and coach, I’m looking forward to working on some new plans to help all kinds of riders become better athletes. Just like my eMTB Ultimate course, helping individuals achieve their riding goals in the ways they want to experience riding bikes is important to me.

What are you going to do this year? How can I help you achieve your goals?

And one last note: for those of you working out at a gym, don’t be a jerk to the new faces you see this time of year. Seasoned gym vets can get a little salty when the resolutionists show up, so mask up, show your smile through your mask and help someone who’s new! And please don’t be the reason someone doesn’t want to come back to the gym and walks away from becoming a better version of themselves. Know what I mean?

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